Volume (12), Issue (1), Year (2024)

No.TitleNames of AuthorsPages No
1A review of microstructure, residual stresses, and mechanical performance for the welding spot of the alloy steelMuhaed Alali
Raghda Hamdan Jiyad
S.M. Thahab
2Torsional behavior of polyolefin fiber reinforced concrete Beams of different strength levelsIman H. Majeed
Mazin A. Ahmed
Haleem K. Hussain
3Using recycled PET waste bottles clasp of ring strips in hollow concrete blocks in IraqMohammed Tariq
Isam Alyaseri
4Flexural behaviour of hybrid (FRP/steel) reinforced concrete beams: a reviewAhlam Jebur Kadhim
Othman Hameed Zinkaah

Volume (11), Issue (2), Year (2023)

No.TitleName of AuthorPage No.
1Vibration faults detection using wireless and neural networkAuda Raheemah Odhaib
Abbas Swayeh Atiyah
Mohammed Zuhair Azeez
2A prediction of axial capacity of rectangular concrete filled steel tube columns using neural networkAli Abdullah Hassooni
Hussein Yousif Aziz
3Ultrafast ultrasound imaging beamforming techniques: a reviewShahad A. Thanoon
Zainab Alomari
Mahmood A. Mahmood
4The disconnection of the style of the urban scene from the historical axes: Al-Rasheed Street is a case studyS. A. Rasheed36-46
5Concrete deep beam with strut reinforcementHussein Kamal Kadhim
Mazin Diwan Abdullah
6Structural behavior of high strength SIFCON corbelsHanadi F. Frhaana
Aqeel H. Chkheiwer
7Analytical performance evaluation of MIMO-FSO under meteorological turbulence using link range, bit rate and transmitted powerMustafa H. Ali77-83
8Ferrate Potassium used as oxidant and coagulant for organic removal in produced waterThabit Fadhil Hssouney84-90
9Preparation and characterization of nano – porous PMN-PT ceramicFiras Fouad Abdullah91-95

Volume (11), Issue (1), Year (2023)

No.TitleName of AuthorPage No.
1Preserving of the heritage markets in historical cities - Najaf grand bazaar as a case studySarah Abdulaali Rashid Kbah
Entisar Abbas Mohammad
Ahmed Abdulaali Rashid Kbah
2Effect of niobium oxide on titanium aluminum alloy Firas Fouad Abdullah11-15
3Finite element modelling of steel beams with web openings under impact loadMaryam Jebur Al-Sultan
Ali Al-Rifaie
4A new method for predicting and controlling security risk in sensor networks using big data analysisWisam Mohammed Abed
Mohanad Hameed Rashid
5World highways pavement management system: an overview Atheer Muhammed Ali
Ali M. Lafta

Volume (10), Issue (2), Year (2022)

Volume (10), Issue (1), Year (2022)

No.TitleName of AuthorsPage No.
1Assessment of Flexible Pavement Behavior Under Dynamic Earthquake LoadingMariam M. Hussein
Mohammed Y. Fattah
Miami M. Hilal
2Employing architectural programming to discover the formal potentialities of the Site issue for the reconstruction of old MosulFerdos F. Al-Shalji
Asma H. Al-Dabbagh
3The impact of time/emotion factors on the interpretation of meanings of Iraqi architecture, and its transformationsGhussoun Fadhil Abd Al-Jabar
Ghada Musa Rzouki Al-Slik

Volume (9) ,Issue (2), Year (2021)

No.TitleName of AuthorPage No.
1Developing a warm asphalt mixture using locally emulsion and old paving wasteJaber Hussein01-08
2Watching vehicle speed using GPS by using data mining approachSeror Manea Bahloos09-16

Volume (9), Issue (1), Year (2021)

No.TitleName of AuthorPage No.
1The effect of mobile application programming on the educational processDawood Zahi Khutar01-05
2The Interstitial in Structural System in ArchitectureJinan Hassan M. AlAnbaky
Hadeel Saad razoki al-mur'ib
3Treatment of Organic Compounds Resulting from Oil Refineries under Solar Light and Reuse it for Industrial PurposeShyamaa A. Mohammed
Sundus S. Al-Azawiey
Ahmed Hasan Ali

Volume (8), Issue (2), Year (2020)

No.TitleName of AuthorPage No.
1The architectural output between knowledge and science "An analytical vision study in practice to evaluate the products of architecture"Ibrahim Jawad
Abdullah Saadoona
Tuqa Mahmoodb
2Assessment of dissolved oxygen in Shatt Al-Arab River by other quality parameters of water using Artificial Neural NetworksZaynab A. Khudhur
Saad A. Arab
Ammar S. Dawood
3The Method and Intellectual Repercussion in ArchitectureAhmed Hashim Hameed
Basim Hasan Hashim

Volume (8), Issue (1), Year (2020)

No.TitleName of AuthorPage No.
1The Effect of the Spatial Organization Characteristics in Reducing the Crime in Al-Hila CityAmeera Jaleel Ahmed
Sabah Mohamed abd Mosehab
2Evaluation of Some Visual Pollution Indicators in the Physical Environment of Al-Hilla CityMohammad Ali Al-Anbari
Mijed Abbas Abd
Alaa Hadi Obaid
3Design a Solar Powered Evaporative Cooling System D.C Motors with Peltier DeviceMohammed Hammoodi Jasim
Karrar A. Alakoul
Hussein Kareem Sultan
4Affordable Housing and Cost Reduction Factors for Affordable HousingMoheamen Basim Ibrhim
Asmaa Khalid

Volume (7), Issue (2), Year (2019)

No.TitleName of AuthorPage No.
1Enhancement of electric field of bowtie nanoantennaGufran A. Hassana
Jawad A. Hassan
2Efficiency Development of Light Weight High Strength Concrete by using Carbon FibersHaider Araby Ibrahim
Mohammed Bally Mahdi
Basim Jabbar Abbas
3Practical study on the electrochemical simultaneous removal of copper and cadmium from simulated
wastewater using rotating tubular packed bed cathode
Jenan H. Hemeidan
Ali H. Abbar

Volume (7), Issue (1), Year (2019)

No.TitleName of AuthorPage No.
1The ultimate shear strength of SCC beams strengthened by inclined CFRP stripsSarmad Sh. Abdulqader
Ragheed F. Makki
Mohanad W. Mousa
2Nonlinear Finite Elements Analysis of Circular Reinforced Concrete Columns Strengthened With
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)
Zahraa Abbas Khaduier
Mazen Dewan Abdulla
3Relevance the architectural formation with the properties placeHamid Ali Abed Almousawi
Mustafa kamil Alkhafaji
4Influence of PVC Fiber Reinforcement on Shear Strength in Concrete BeamsKadhim Zuboon Nasser
Ali Abdulhasan Khalaf
Fadhil Kamil Idan
5Architecture between Islamic thought and the phenomenon of deconstructAbdullah Saadoon Salman44-56
6Urban Visual Quality Of Traditional Kut City CenterHussam S. O. Aldelphi57-64
7Non-linear analysis to improve punching shear strength in flat slab using z-shape shear reinforcementAbdulnasser Mohammed Abbas
Haleem K. Hussain
Ahmed Sagban Saadoon

Volume (6), Issue (2), Year (2018)

No.TitleName of Author Page No>
1Flexural Performance of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites Under Elevated TemperaturesIsam Mohamad Alia
Ali Hadi Adheemb
2Analysis of Electrodes Consumption via the Electrocoagulation Treatment of Lead Removal from Simulated WastewaterForat Yasir AlJaber
Wadood T. Mohammed
3Statistical Analysis of Meteorological Factors and Carbon Dioxide as an Air Pollutant in Al-Hilla City, IraqAla'a Hamed Emran Al-Husseini130-136
4Analysis of Image Features Taken from Different Camera TypesAmeen Mohammed Abd-Alsalam Selami137-151
5Control of Solar Powered Cathodic Protection SystemHassan F. Faisal
Khearia A. Mohammed Ali
6A Hydraulic Model for Identification of Surface Friction Coefficient for Euphrates River within Al Muthanna Governorate, IraqHussein M. Ashour Al. Khuzaie
Ameera Mohamad Awad
Mohammed Fadhil Abbas
7Methods and Means of Applying Sustainability Concept in the Constructionsعمر حازم خروفة169-184
8Evaluation of the Efficiency of some Water Supply Stations in Najaf Governorate Using the Weighted Arithmetic Index Method (WQI)زهرة عبد صالح
افراح عبود حسن
9Flexural behavior of R.C. two-way slabs with opening strengthened with CFRP sheetsEsraa Jassim Mohammad
Mazen Dewan Abdulla
10Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete T-Beam Cast with Self- Compaction Concrete Incorporating Recycled Concrete AggregateAli K. Khtar
Dr Jamal A . Khudhair
11The Impact of Abandoned Buildings on the Quality of Urban-Scapeوحدة شكر الحنكاوي
محمود حسين محمد علي

Volume (6), Issue (1), Year (2018)

No.Title Name of AuthorPage No.
1Evaluation of Air Pollution in Al Nahrawan region-Iraqاحمد سمير ناجي01-09
2Study and evaluation of green spaces according to standards and efficiency of implementationأحمد فائق المظفر10-19
3Experimental and Numerical Study of Thermal Properties for Amalgam Reinforced by NiCrMo NanowiresRana Afif Anaee
Alaa Hassan Ali
Farooq Hassan Ali
Ahmed Rajih Hassan
4Wemos-D1 and Raspberry Pi3 Based Smart Communication and Control of Home Appliances SystemBilal Naji Alhasnawi
Basil Hani
5Simulation of Cylindrical Body Structure Subjected to Flow in Different Reynolds Number RegimesMohammed J. Mawat45-51
6Study the Effects of Improving Power Factor on Electrical Distribution Network in Al- Muthanna GovernorateAli Abed Aljabar Hussen Al-Samawi52-63
7The community participation authority in the empowerment of architectural productsباسم حسن هاشم الماجدي
هديل سعد رزوقي
8Urban Consolidationخنساء غازي رشيد
مصطفى علي مدلول
9The expressive relationship between the external formation and the internal voidباسم حسن الماجدي
مصطفى علي مدلول
سراج جبار المرشدي

 Volume (5), Issue (3), Year (2017)

No.TitleName of AuthorsPages No.
1Earthquake Rating of Pore Water Pressure Generation – Induced Liquefaction of Earth Fill
Embankments by Numerical Simulation
Baydaa Hussain Maula
Hussein Yousif Aziz
Kareem Hassan Alwan
2Fresh and Hardened Characteristics of Sustainable Self-Compacting High Performance Concrete Incorporating Silica FumeHaider Mohammed Owaid14-24
3Multiple Vehicles Detection Using A Hybrid Segmentation TechniqueAhmed Freidoon Fadhil25-35
4Illogic Character To Receipt In Architecture أحمد هاشم حميد العقابي36-46
5Effect of Repeated Loads on Steel - Concrete Composite Beams with High Strength Reinforced ConcreteSuhaib Yahya Al-Darzi47-56
6Comparison of Non-Destructive Testing Methods of Concrete with the Aid of Maturity Concept with the Aid of Maturity ConceptKhalid Zakaria
Rabi Muyad Najem
Salwa Mubarak
7Evaluation of Environmental Performance of Wastewater Treatment Plants in Countries with Crisis Case Study from IraqIsam Alyaseri
Wissam Al-Madi
8Symbolic investment of valuable prisonsأيمن عبد الحسين محمد جواد العبيدي
عباس علي حمزه ال كريزه
9Experimental Study of Rectangular Footing under Inclined and Eccentric load on Geogried Reinforced Sanmuthjet.mu.edu.iqdJawdat K. Abbas
Nasr A. Hasan
10Conflict Resolution on Lesser Zab and Diyala Rivers Basins Using Game Theory Approach (Part-I)عبد العزيز محمد طيب معروف
كامل علي عبد المحسن
مريوان رضا اغا
11Intentionality as a Strategy Read Architectural Production Contemporaryباسم حسن هاشم الماجدي
أحمد عبد العالي كبة
هديل سعد رزوقي

 Volume (5), Issue (2), Year (2017)

No.TitleName of AuthorsPages No.
1Shear Strength and Microstructure of a Soil Treated by Magnesium Potassium Phosphate Cement (MKPC)Ibtehaj Taha Jawad01-06
2Treatment of Textile Wastewater using Zinc Oxide under UV LightGhazi Faisal Naser07-12
3Environmental and Economic Study About Using Natural Gas for Electrical Power Generation In Samawa StationAli Abed Aljabar Hussen Al-Samawi
Abbas Swayeh Atiyah
Hayder Tareq Rajab
4Parametric Studies of Reducing Applied Stress on Buried Pvc Pipes Using Finite ElementBasim Jabbar Abbas21-29
5Effect of Design Elements in Supporting Hospitals healing environmentماجد عباس عبد ظاهر
عباس اسماعيل إبراهيم
6Study Heavy Metal Concentrations In Drinking Water In Ad Diwaniyah Cityعلي هادي غاوي40-44
7The monument and the identity impact timely and placingاحمد هاشم حميد العقابي45-55
8Treatment the Disinfected Diary water by using two type of Algae Chlorella, Lyngebiaاحمد ابراهيم عبد الله العلاوي
إبراهيم عمر سعيد الحمداني
وليد محمد شيت العبدربه
9Health Risk Assessment and Pollution Indices In The Groundwater of Al–Alam Area In Salah Al Din Governorate, Iraqسلوى هادي احمد62-69
10Culture Policy for Architectural Design Studio within the Curriculumابراهيم جواد كاظم
فلاح خلف علي
احمد طالب حميد

 Volume (5), Issue (1), Year (2017)

No.TitleName of AuthorsPages No.
1Improvement of Structural Properties for Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam using Silica Fume with Polypropylene FibersRafid Saeed Atea01-09
2Study of Differential Scanning Calorimetry on Phase Precipitation in Various Heat Treatments of AlZnMgCu Aluminum AlloysHaider Tawfiq Naeem10-15
3The Use of Crushed Brick Waste for The Internal Curing In Cement MortarAlaa Ahmed Shakir16-21
4Studying effect of static concentration for chemical machining on surface roughness and metal removal rate for low carbon steelنسرين داخل فهد22-26
5The Philosophy of Absence In contemporary Architectureعباس علي حمزة ال كريزة27-36
6Nonlinear Analysis of Bridge Girders Subjected to Lateral Impact LoadingAbdulamir Atalla
Aqeel Mohammed Hammood
7Comparison Between the Optimal Application of Variable Structure Controller (VSC) and Power System Stabilizer (PSS) Using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in Improving System StabilityHashim Dhahir Mohammed Al-Thabhawe43-50
8The Adjacent Conceptions Effect on Creativity According to Detailed Path for Creation Processعبدالله سعدون
أحمد عبد العالي كبة
هديل سعد رزوقي
9Effect of Operating Parameters on Colour and COD Removal Treatment of Textile WastewaterAhmed Hassan Ali63-71
10Artificial Neural Network Model for Predicting the Compressive Strength of Concrete using Ultrasonic Pulse VelocitySalim T. Yousif
Omar M. Abdul-Kareem
Kaythar A. Ibrahim

Volume (4), Issue (2), Year (2016)

No.TitleName of AuthorsPages No.
1Shear Behavior of Slender Ferro cement Box BeamsAqeel H. Chkheiwer
Mazin A. Al-Mazini
Mustafa Sh. Zewair
2Application of a Hydrodynamic HEC-RAS Model For Shatt Al-Arab RiverAbdul Hussain Abdul Kareem Abbas11-22
3Effect of Nitrate Recycle Ratio on the Performance of Combined Cylindrical AnoxicAerobic Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor for Domestic Wastewater TreatmentWisam S. Al-Rekabi23-31
4The role of technology in contemporary architectural compositionأسماء محمد حسين المُقرم
لهيب علي عبد الحسين الصائغ
5Urban planning in the face of climate change impactsعلي عبد السميع حميد46-55
6Characterizations Particulates of Crushed Particles (Al_Zn_Mg_Cu_Ni) for Fabrication of Surface Composites Al-Alloy Using Friction Stir Processing RouteHaider Tawfiq Naeem56-65
7The Role of Features Reducing Anxiety in Interior Spaces Public Waiting Spaces in Healthcare Buildings as a Case Studyشمائل محمد وجيه الدباغ66-74
8Using GIS for Assess the Groundwater Quality in Southwest Side of Basrah CityAmmar Salman Dawood
Ahmed Naseh Ahmed Hamdan
9Study the Effect of Date Seed Powder on the Strength of Kaolinite Clay SoilYahya k. Atemimi
Khitam Abdulhussein Saeed
10Effect of Silica Fume and Polypropylene Fibers on the Mechanical Properties of Pervious ConcreteHaider Araby Ibrahim95-103
11Investigation the Microstractural and Mechanism for the Friction Stir Welding of 7075 Aluminum Zinc Alloyعبدالله عذيب مشاري104-114

Volume (4), Issue (1), Year (2016) 

No.TitleName of AuthorsPages No.
1Investigation of Noise Levels Within Al-Muthanna University in Al-Muthanna Province IraqHuda Mohammed Selman01-08
2Hydraulic Model Development using HEC-RAS and Determination of Manning Roughness Value for Shatt Al-RumaithAmeera Mohamad Awad09-13
3Design evaluate the performance of architecture department students in the subject of the drawing architecture and presentationسؤدد عبد الغني شياع14-22
4The Adjacent Conceptions Effect on Creativity According to Detailed Path for Creation ProcessBasim Hasan Al-Majedi
Ahmed Hashim H. El-Eqapy
5Stress-Strain Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Silica Fume Lightweight Polymer ConcreteMuslim A. k. Al-Kannoon37-42
6Effect of change in particle size of the powder coating (Ni- Al) thermally sprayed by flame on the mechanical properties of the coating layerعمار رزاق حسن43-50
7Using of Stones in Building the FoundationsHussein Yousif Aziz51-56
8Flexural Behavior of Repaired Reinforced Concrete Slabs with Different Typed of ConcreteMazen D.Abdulah57-67
9Diaphragm Actuator Design with New Rubber CompoundsNabel Kadum Abd-Ali68-74

 Volume (3), Issue (2), Year (2015)

No.TitleName of AuthorsPages No.
1Behavior of I-section reinforced concrete deep beams strengthened with CFRP strips subjected to monotonic
and cyclic load failing in shear
Riadh A. Abass
Mustafa Sh. Zewair
2Characteristics and compositions of solid wastes from Altuhmaziya region in Hilla cityNabaa Shakir Hadi10-16
3The effect of entrance region geometry on solar chimney power plant performanceArkan Kh. Al-Taie
Ali Hayder Mutib
4Level of service for using computer simulation TRANSYT network software of intersectionAli Ahmed Mohammed32-41
5Effect of soil-pile cap interaction on the dynamic response of rotary-machine foundationsRaid R. Al-Omari
Hussein Mandeel Ashour
Basim Jabbar Abbas
6Performance analysis of H-shape multi-band with rectangular patch micro strip antennaAhmed Ghanim Wadday50-57
7Punching shear resistance of lightweight concrete two way slabs strengthened with CFRP stripsMazen D.Abdulah58-68
8Structural behavior of self compacting concreteJamal Abdul-Samad Khudair
Aqeel Hatem Chkheiwer
9Assessment of natural radioactivity levels and radiation hazards for building materials used in some selected
provinces in Iraq
Muhannad Kh. Mohammed80-84

Volume (3), Issue (1), Year (2014)

No.TitleName of AuthorsPages No.
1Statistical analysis of quality parameters of Maamera sewage treatment plantNabaa Shakir Hadi01-10
2The ultimate strength of double short composite columns under concentric loadsRagheed Fatehi Makki11-24
3Deriving rainfall intensity-duration-frequency relationships for Kerbala cityAyad Kadhum Hussein25-37
4Effect of magnesium powder addition on some mechanical properties of composite glass-ceramic materialsAli Husain Hawi38-45
5Experimental and numerical investigation of I-section lightweight concrete deep beams strengthened with
CFRP failing in shear
Riadh A. Abass
Mustafa Sh. Zewair
6Experimental study for the size effect on the flexural behaviour of SPLWA reinforced concrete slabs strengthened
with CFRP strips
Readh A. Abbas
Ahad Z. Hamoodi
7Analytical modeling of eccentrically loaded RC columns confined with FRPNabil M. A. Hussian
Ali M. Lafta
8Effect of hybrid micro steel-polypropylene fibers on high strength concrete with micro silica fumeOthman Hameed Zinkaah90-102

Volume (2), Issue (2), Year (2013)

No.TitleName of AuthorsPages No.
1A single phase shut active power filter with fuzzy logic based for harmonics minimization under
random load variation
Adel M. Dakhil01-16
2Study of the efficiency of reverse osmosis system for water desalinationRa’id Tarik Hade
Anas B. Salman
3Numerical study to effect of thermal loading on J-integral using finite element methodAhmed Razzaq Hassan30-47
4Deterioration of concrete for under-ground structures in Samawa cityRiadh A. Abbas48-60
5Protection of natural rubber from ultraviolet by using anthocyanin pigmentMohammed Razzaq Mohammed61-72
6Micromechanical modeling of short – fiber reinforced polymeric compositeKareem N. Hussien73-82
7Simulating airborne line scanner imageryRasheed Saleem Abed
A. R. Santhakumar

Volume (2), Issue (1), Year (2013)

NoTitleNames of AuthorsPages No.
1Fire flame effect on the strength of self – compacting concreteEsam Mohammed Ali
Ali Hadi Adheem
Ahmed Samir Naje
2Corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy 2024 - T6 at multi variable (temperature and velocity) in sea waterHussein Abed Zaidan14-24
3Effect of chemical and physical parameters of Almasab Alaam drainage on properties of marsh water in south of IraqMohammed D. Selman
Kaissar I. Hamed
Hayder A. Lafta
4Monitoring leaning of Alhadba minaretRasheed Saleem Abed38-45
5Numerical study of air condition system using solar parabolic collectorAnmed R. Hasan
Karim K . Egab
6Fuzzy logic based stator resistance estimator for a direct torque controlled three-phase induction motorTurki Y. Abdulla
Haroution A. Hairik
Adel M. Dakhil
7Sodium nitrite as inhibitors for protection of rebar against corrosionAhmed Rajih Hassan
Ali Khalil Ismael
Firas Naif Hassan

Volume (1), Issue (1), Year (2011)

NoTitleNames of AuthorsPages No
1Aeration Tank Behavior in the Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant Startup Conditions Case study;
(Wastewater Treatment plant of General Mosul hospital- Iraq)
Riyadh Mahmood Saleh Al-Obaidi01-13
2Creation a Digital Elevation Model Using GISحسين منديل الخزاعي
قاسم جبير سلمان
2إعادة تأهيل الجسر الثالث في الموصلمهند حسين الشراوي10-24
3The Characteristics of Collapsing Soil in Marshes AreaAlaa Dawood Selman25-39
4Effect of carbon fibers on the performance of reinforced asphalt concrete mixtureHayder Kamil Shanbara40-52
6Sand dunes modification by natural asphalt with cement and limeNabeel Shaker Mahmood66-75