Investigation of Mechanical Performance of the Asphalt Mixture Modified with Waste Cooking Oil


Volume 9, Issue 2, August  2021, Pages 25-33
 DOI: 10.52113/3/mjet/2021-9-2/25-33
Research Article:

Atheer Muhammed Ali

 Al-Muthanna University, School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering,

Al-Muthanna, Iraq

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Many academics have been looking for alternatives to asphalt binders, such as alternative binders for hot mix asphalt (HMA), as a result of increasing environmental restrictions and the rising expense of asphalt binders. The goal of this study was to investigate if bioasphalt might be used as a binder instead of petroleum-based asphalt. Mechanical tests such as Marshall Stability, resilient modulus, and dynamic creep were used to evaluate if there was any improvement in the performance of an asphalt mixture incorporating waste cooking oil (WCO) at various percentages (0, 1.5, and 3%) by weight of the binder. Marshall Stability, resilience modulus, and dynamic creep performance all improved with the addition of 1.5% WCO to the bituminous mixture. Furthermore, the 1.5% WCO mixture had the maximum creep stiffness, with a 36% improvement in resisting permanent deformation as compared to the conventional mixture. As a result of the benefits of this type of waste material in improving the mechanical performance of asphalt mixtures, recycling this waste material will be a suitable technique in waste materials recycling.

Keywords: Asphalt binder; hot mix asphalt; resilient modulus; Stability; waste cooking oil.

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