Evaluation of Some Visual Pollution Indicators in the Physical Environment of Al-Hilla City

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (8), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2020), Pages (10-25)


Research Article By:

Mohammad Ali Al-Anbari, Mijed Abbas Abd and Alaa Hadi Obaid

Corresponding author E-mail: mah.alanbari@gmail.com


The physical environment of Al-Hilla city is subject to successive developments due to changes in various economic, technological and humanitarian aspects. These changes are accompanied by the physical appearance of the phenomenon of “visual pollution”, which results from the imbalance in the visual performance of the components of the physical environment of the city, causing the sense of psychological discomfort and loss of belonging to the surrounding environment and its aesthetic is almost nonexistent. The objective of this research is to evaluate the state of the visual components of the physical environment of Al-Hilla city, through an analytical field study of the visual impact indicators of the state of the physical environment of Al-Hilla city, and comparing it with the visual performance standards, to determine the defect and gap. For research purposes, the field study was conducted for the most important street in the city center, which is Imam Ali Street, on the basis of which the visual pollution ranges were determined, and therefore the recommendation of making the right decisions (whether at the level of implementation or field monitoring) is necessary in order to reduce or mitigate the phenomenon of visual pollution) to improve the visual performance of the street in particular, and the physical environment of Hilla city in general.

Keywords: The physical environment, the physical appearance, the visual performance, the visual pollution.

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