Architecture between Islamic thought and the phenomenon of deconstruct

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (7), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2019), Pages (44-56)


Research Article By:

Abdullah Saadoon Salman

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What inspires the learner or scholar in the field of architecture, as a need to satisfy, is the ability of the architect to deal with many of the architectural trends at the same time through the identification and investment in the creation of architectural configurations acceptable or have the balance among many architects. This approach has united the idea that architecture originated from a single source connected to man and his continuous quest to create an acceptable and acceptable environment. What interested the research is dealing with the Islamization of deconstruct architecture.
The research found the emerged from the architecture of deconstruct has achieved disjointed products of interpretation has been struck with the intention of the concept of unification in the architecture of Islam by abolishing the social concept and the impact of this in the creation of a unified architecture. While dealing with the texts shown in the Quran has achieved deconstruct as a purification of information by dealing with the phenomenon of production, it maintains its composition and do not deal with the deconstructive vision common to them. Or the circumference of the phenomenon as manipulated by the deconstruction through a distortion of the apparent configurations.

Keywords: Islam, thought of deconstruct, architecture thought.

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