Study the Effect of Date Seed Powder on the Strength of Kaolinite Clay Soil

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (4), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2016), Pages (88-94)


Research Article By:

Yahya k. Atemimi and Khitam Abdulhussein Saeed

Corresponding author E-mail:


The Kaolinite soil is considered as a problematic soil due to its low strength with high water content, low density and low permeability. So, there are attempts to improve the engineering properties of this type of soil by mixing it with different additives. In this study the Date seeds powder was used in two forms, first: as a powder (DSP) and mixed with the Kaolin soil at different percentages by weight (3%, 5%, 7% and 10%), and second, the powder was burned at 450OC for 4 hours in furnace (DSPB) then mixed with Kaolin soil at different percentages by weight (3%, 5%, 7%, and 10%). The results show an increase of 755% in the strength of the Kaolinite soils at 5% DSPB as compared to the origin strength when testing in unconfined compressive strength test UCS. Also, the results show a decrease in plasticity index for all mixture percentages in DSPB by 26.2% using 10%DSPB. Curing time results show high percent of increase in strength from 170 to 310 kN/m2 for 0 to 28 days respectively, this increase equal to 1386% from strength of reference soil.

Keywords: Soil improvement, kaolinite clay, UCS, date seed powder, curing time.

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