Effect of magnesium powder addition on some mechanical properties of composite glass-ceramic materials

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (3), Issue (1), Year (30 December 2014), Pages (38-45)


Research Article By:

Ali Husain Hawi

Corresponding author E-mail: hawy63@yahoo.com


Glass – ceramic material as main component in aerospace application (shuttle), bio-material for the veneering of metal restoration in destroy. In this work glass-ceramic from raw material (Oxides + BaO) was prepared. The XRD analysis showed that the heat treatment causes a very rapid crystallization process and at 900 °C, a new phase, MgFe2O4 structure appears in the glass matrix. Addition of different weight percentage of Magnesium metal to glass – ceramic were studied to estimate some properties such as density , young modulus, and hardness. The results show decreasing in density to 2.06*103kg/m3 when add 9%Mg , this result prefer in application of glass-ceramic, especially in aerospace application (window of shuttle). The addition of 9% Mg leads to increase young modulus (E) to (73.5 Gpa). Mg addition on glass -Ceramic leads to decrease Hardness to (260.5 HB at 9% Mg). Microstructure inspection show the gradually spread of Mg metal through the glass matrix leading to a consolidate for all the alternative properties.

Keyword: Addition of Mg, glass ceramic, density, mechanical properties.

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