Effect of carbon fibers on the performance of reinforced asphalt concrete mixture

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (1), Issue (1), Year (30 December 2011), Pages (40-52)


Research Article By:

Hayder Kamil Shanbara

Corresponding author E-mail: hayder.shanbara82@gmail.com


This paper presents characteristics and properties of carbon fibers reinforced asphalt concrete mixtures. The results showed that carbon fibers do improve the performance of the asphalt concrete mix. To evaluate the effects of carbon fibers contents on mixtures, in which one mix was reinforced with carbon fibers and the other mix was not. The testing undertaken in this research comprise the Marshall Test, Indirect Tensile Test, Creep Test, and Wheel Tracking Test. Carbon fibers exhibited consistency in results, and as such it was observed that the addition of fibers affects the properties of mixtures, i.e. an increase in its stability and a decrease in the flow value and increase in voids in the mix. The carbon fibers are able to block the propagation of cracks, reduce the rut depth or increase the strength of pavements to the rutting deformation.

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