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  1. Investigation of Mechanical Performance of the Asphalt Mixture Modified with Waste Cooking Oil
  2. Treatment of Organic Compounds Resulting from Oil Refineries under Solar Light and Reuse it for Industrial Purpose
  3. Investigation the Microstractural and Mechanism for the Friction Stir Welding of 7075 Aluminum Zinc Alloy
  4. Effect of Silica Fume and Polypropylene Fibers on the Mechanical Properties of Pervious Concrete
  5. Study the Effect of Date Seed Powder on the Strength of Kaolinite Clay Soil
  6. Using GIS for Assess the Groundwater Quality in Southwest Side of Basrah City
  7. The Role of Features Reducing Anxiety in Interior Spaces Public Waiting Spaces in Healthcare Buildings as a Case Study
  8. Characterizations Particulates of Crushed Particles (Al_Zn_Mg_Cu_Ni) for Fabrication of Surface Composites Al-Alloy Using Friction Stir Processing ٌ Route
  9. Urban planning in the face of climate change impacts
  10. The role of Technology in Contemporary Architectural composition
  11. Effect of Nitrate Recycle Ratio on the Performance of Combined Cylindrical AnoxicAerobic Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor for Domestic Wastewater Treatment
  12. Application of a Hydrodynamic HEC-RAS Model For Shatt Al-Arab River
  13. Shear Behavior of Slender Ferro cement Box Beams
  14. Flexural Behavior of Repaired Reinforced Concrete Slabs with Different Typed of Concrete
  15. Using of Stones in Building the Foundations
  16. Effect of change in particle size of the powder coating (Ni- Al) thermally sprayed by flame on the mechanical properties of the coating layer
  17. Stress- Strain Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Silica Fume Lightweight Polymer Concrete
  18. The Adjacent Conceptions Effect on Creativity According to Detailed Path for Creation Process
  19. design evaluate the performance of Architecture Department students in the subject of the drawing architecture and presentation
  20. Hydraulic Model Development using HEC-RAS and Determination of Manning Roughness Value for Shatt Al-Rumaith