Complaints Policy

  • Complaint is authorsꞌ expression of displeasure.
  • Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology (MJET) welcomes authorsꞌ complaints regarding its actions, procedures, and/or policies, since they provide a motivation and chance for improvement. Therefore, a quick, respective, and helpful response will be established for all authorsꞌ complaints.
  • MJET thinks that authors don’t complain about something published and/or a decision made by it, but they may complain when there will be a process failure; e.g. when there is a delay in replying, harsh response, and/or inaccurate judgment.
  • When a complaint is received concerning an inaccuracy of a material, the complaint will be investigated by the journal and a faith decision will be made whether to omit the material or not. The complained material may not be removed when the journal find that the complaint is without a good basis, otherwise, a legitimate defense or exemption could apply.

Authors should make complaints as soon as possible after paper publication, after action being made, etc. by typing an email to: mentioning the following information: paper title, volume number, and issue number with their complaint.