Regular Issue Policy

This journal adopts a regular issue of publication for articles that received directly from the authors which will be qualified for further process of the journal’s regular issue. The regular issue will be published by the following terms and conditions:

  • Plagiarism Check: Suitable plagiarism tool such as Turnitin will be employed to check plagiarism (see plagiarism policy) that would not exceed 20{1524fc3db9b9185e4da51c194ca3b05c06ae483421403c447a0666442f370a52} including the section of references bibliography and 5{1524fc3db9b9185e4da51c194ca3b05c06ae483421403c447a0666442f370a52} in the case of exclusion of such section.
  • Quality Check: All submitted papers should be state of the art, result oriented, novel paper and with the scope of the journal. Articles should have minimum of following headings: Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methodology, Result and Discussion, Conclusion, References and Acknowledgement (if required). For more details, please see Journal Template.
  • Paper Submission Criteria: It is not allowed for an author to submit more than 10 papers for the same volume/issue.
  • Review Criteria:This journal adopts using a double-blind Peer Review Policy, in which both the reviewer (s) and author (s) names concealed throughout the review process. All submitted manuscripts should reviewed by not less than three reviewers. The reviewer (s) comments to be subject of acceptance and rejection of the manuscript that to be finally decided by Editor-In-Chief or Editor of the journal. Hence, minimum of two to three weeks is required for such review process.
  • E-Copyright:Corresponding author of the paper should submit E-copyright to the Journal.
  • Final Paper Submission: Final Paper should be amended as per the reviewer comments approved.  Also, the following requirements should be considered:
    • final paper is organized according to Journal Template.
    • contents of the paper are acceptable and satisfactory. Author (s) can make rectification but after the final submission to the journal, rectification/withdraw is not possible.
  • Copyright Property:Published paper (s) will be property of publishing house and journal after the publication.
  • Publication Fee: Journal will provide an open access (OA) services for author (s) and institution (s). Journal does not take any type of fee from the author (s).
  • Article Processing Charge (APC): The Article Processing Charge (APC) of the article will be taken by publication house ‘Al-Muthanna University’ after acceptance of the article. For more details, please read Article Processing Charge Policy (APC).
  • Required Time for Endorsement:It will take minimum of two to three weeks.
  • Indexing in database: The entire process for including any article (s) in the indexing and abstracting for bibliographic database is achieved by bibliographic database team only. Neither Journal nor publication house have any contribution in accepting or rejecting an article from indexing and abstracting services for any bibliographic database and cannot affect processing time of the article for indexing and abstracting in the bibliographic database.