Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of interest could exist when the relationship between authors and editors is:

  • Current or recent colleagues
  • Current or recent co-authors
  • Current or recent students
  • Financial relationship
  • Any other forms of conflict of interest: personal issues, intellectual issues, etc.

Those relationships will properly affect journal editorsꞌ actions.
– Authors are required to fully revel any conflicts of interest by listing them on the paper cover when they submit their paper to the journal.
– MJET assigns all submissions to editors, minimizing possible conflicts of interest. Afterwards, editors are asked to notify the managing editor of any conflicts not listed within the conflicts above.
– In case, no one of the journal editors meet all of the conflict of interest screens, co-editors with the least conflict of interest will be assigned to the submission.
– The journal editor may refuse to publish a paper basing on one of the disclosed conflicts of interest.