Application of a Hydrodynamic HEC-RAS Model For Shatt Al-Arab River


Application of a Hydrodynamic HEC-RAS Model For Shatt Al-Arab River


Volume 4, Issue 2, Dec 2016, Pages 11-22
 DOI: 10.52113/3/mjet/2016-4-2/11-22
Research Article:
Abdul Hussain Abdul Kareem Abbas
Civil Engineering Department, Engineering College, University of Basrah



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Shatt Al-Arab river suffer from high values of Total Dissolved Solid (TDS),
these come from two sources the first is from Euphrates river and the second
is from Arabian Gulf. Therefore, In this paper one dimension and unsteady
case was applied to study hydrodynamic and TDS simulation of the river water
by using HEC-RAS in Shatt Al-Arab river and associated rivers was done.
HEC-RAS model is produced by US Army for analyzing river system. This
model could simulate steady and unsteady open channel flow. The data of
discharge, stage and TDS was taken daily for the year of 2014 at different
sections along Shatt Al-Arab river and Tigris-Euphrates confluence. Some of
these gauges was taken as boundary conditions and the others was taken for
verification of the model. Calibration and verification of the Model using these
data were done. Model results were compared with the observed data in these
real rivers. The result show that a very good agreement between observed and
simulated data with minimum correlation (R) was equal to 0.825.

Keywords:  Shatt Al-Arab River , HEC-RAS, Simulation, TDS, Unsteady flow

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