The role of Technology in Contemporary Architectural composition


The role of Technology in Contemporary Architectural composition

Volume 4, Issue 2, Dec 2016, Pages 32-45
 DOI: 10.52113/3/mjet/2016-4-2/32-45
Research Article:
أسماء محمد حسين ال ُمقرم ,لهيب علي عبد الحسين الصائغ 
قسم هندسة العمارة , الجامعة التكنولوجية

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Architecture tried since ancient times to deal with the elements of its age, where
cultural production across about multiple levels of technological act, that which shifted
from craft means for changing images formalism to the will of the verification at the
current time, and thus is considered technology as a measure of evolution for
everything gets reality in mental and public understand , also represented a source of
evolution and a sign marked of the times because of the different representation of
reality architectural and cultural. This led the research to the study of (technological
role in the formation of contemporary architecture) as a research problem, where
technology has provided new roles beyond the classical nature, this effect on the nature
of the approved type for architectural contemporary production, therefore research
indicated to the concepts that related to technology that showed a difference of
technological performance by studying the changing relationship between thought and
industry, commitment and borders, public and customization, innovation and
convenience, simplicity and complexity, has also been studying the technology
phenomena for its role as a “thing, knowledge, process, product ” with surrounding
the different impact for levels of expression that based on the stereotypical nature, to
order that the research seeks to discuss about the results of the application conceptual
framework for knowledge provided to two contemporary projects in order to clarify
the impact of technology in violation of the traditional nature of the practice of
architecture first, And differences in the impact of technological manifestations of the

Keywords:  Role of technology, Typology, technology phenomena, levels of expression, contemporary composition


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