Urban planning in the face of climate change impacts


Urban planning in the face of climate change impacts


Volume 4, Issue 2, Dec 2016, Pages 46-55
 DOI: 10.52113/3/mjet/2016-4-2/46-55
Research Article:
علي عبد السميع حميد
رئاسة جامعة بغداد – شعبة العقود الحكومية



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Constitute the climatic changes the world is facing a significant challenge,
because of his global warming implications of affected various areas and
humanitarian dimensions, and that the problem of misuse of natural resources and
the degradation of the environment has become a clear impact on the weakening
economic development .
Many specialized studies such as the ” Stern Report ” has contributed for the
negative effects of global warming on the economy and development, the report
of the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change in raising awareness of the
seriousness of the challenge facing the economy in the world and the human
community. This study aims to examine the reality of effects of which could be
left behind climate change on resources and the various sectors in the world in
general and demonstrate its impact on sustainable development, and the extent of
awareness of the state, institutions and individuals risks and alternatives to
achieve the desired sustainable development. and try to view the most important
efforts by States to counter the effects of climate change, as well as demonstrate
the feasibility of achieving sustainable economic and social development in the
presence of factor climate change.

Keywords:  Climate change , urban planning , urban management , governance climate , adaptation and mitigation .


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