Efficiency Development of Light Weight High Strength Concrete by using Carbon Fibers

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (7), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2019), Pages (82-89)


Research Article By:

Haider Araby Ibrahim, Mohammed Bally Mahdi and Basim Jabbar Abbas

Corresponding author E-mail: arabyhaider@yahoo.com


This study aims to progress brittleness of the high strength lightweight aggregate concrete (HSLWAC) by using Porcelinite stone as light weight aggregates and silica fume with water cement ratio 0.28 to give 41.34 MPa compressive strength at 28-days and reinforced with carbon fibers. Fifteen mixtures using in this work with three various lengths of (5mm, 10mm, and 20mm), five mixes for every length with volume fractions (0.25%, 0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5%, and 2%) of carbon fibers. The slump test, compression strength, flexural strength, splitting tensile strength, and modulus of elasticity were investigated to determine the mechanical properties of (HSLWAC). The density of reference (HSLWAC) that was get through the experimental work was (1835 Kg/m3) at (28) days. The results shown that at general, the brittleness of (HSLWAC) improved with increased the content and length of carbon fibers, The optimum properties was for mix (L5) of 20mm length and 2% of carbon fibers of 45.44 MPa, 3.21MPa ,and 6.97MPa for compression strength, flexural strength, splitting tensile strength respectively.

Keywords: Light weight high strength concrete, carbon fibers, silica fume, compressive strength.

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