The ultimate shear strength of SCC beams strengthened by inclined CFRP strips

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (7), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2019), Pages (01-09)


Research Article By:

Sarmad Sh. Abdulqader, Ragheed F. Makki and Mohanad W. Mousa

Corresponding author E-mail:


This paper presents an experimental study of structural behavior of selfcompacting reinforced concrete beams strengthened in shear by inclined CFRP strips. The experimental work consists of casting and testing of nine simply supported reinforced concrete beams. In this study, three parameters were considered, the configuration of CFRP sheets wrapping system, i.e two sides and U-shape, effect of horizontal strap of CFRP strips and CFRP strengthening area. The results showed that the presence of the horizontal strap of CFRP strips on the inclined strips increases the shear strength and the ultimate carrying load capacity by 8 to 15% and 7 to 10%, respectively in compare with the wrapping system of the CFRP strips.

Keywords: Self-compacting concrete, shear strength, reinforced concrete, CFRP strips.

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