Analysis of Image Features Taken from Different Camera Types

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (6), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2018), Pages (137-151)


Research Article By:

Ameen Mohammed Abd-Alsalam Selami

Corresponding author E-mail:


It is necessary to know how a camera resolution and/or its flashlight may affect the captured image properties and features, this is essential especially for those who work in the field of image processing. If the features are modified according to the mentioned two factors, they won’t be valid for processing and analysis, therefore a study should be planed to discover the impact of the presence or absence of those two factors on image features and this was implemented by this paper. Using 11 different digital and cell phone cameras (with and without the flashlight), some histogram and texture image features showed that they change in value and level according to these factors. The Mean feature remains in the high level and does not affect when the resolution of the camera changes from the low to high resolution, but in the cell phone it almost gives medium to high levels in all cases. The Variance of an image showed that in low resolution without flashlight, the camera and cell phone give the same result which is a high level, while the Entropy feature is not affected when the device changes from the normal camera to cell phone camera. More histogram features also are studied later. Contrast feature, as being a texture feature, has a low level in high resolution without a flashlight, Energy, correlation and Homogeneity features are studied and many results were concluded to the researchers who are concerned in image processing. Matlab 2015 and Microsoft Excel are used to complete this work.

Keywords: Image features, flash light, histogram features, texture features.

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