Statistical Analysis of Meteorological Factors and Carbon Dioxide as an Air Pollutant in Al-Hilla City, Iraq

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (6), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2018), Pages (130-136)


Research Article By:

Ala’a Hamed Emran Al-Husseini

Corresponding author E-mail:


The objective of this study is to show the connection among an air pollution parameter and meteorological factors in Al-Hilla town. Data consists of daily averages of three meteorological factors (1.wind speed WS (m/s), 2.air temperature T (°C) and 3.relative humidity RH (%)) also, an air pollution parameter (carbon dioxide CO2) for the period 2015-2016. In order to describe the connection between the 4 variables, the multivariate statistical analysis is used. Multiple linear regression equations are used to express the connection between meteorological parameters which represent the independent variables and concentration of air pollutant which is the dependent variable, by SPSS and Excel software. The result is: decreasing in wind speed and air temperature be accompanied by moderate decreased in CO2 values. Increasing relative humidity be accompanied by moderate increased in CO2 values. Linear regression analysis indicates a moderate level of connection between carbon dioxide CO2 concentrations and the meteorological parameters in Al-Hilla city.

Keywords: Air pollutants, meteorological parameters, correlation coefficient, regression model.

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