Evaluation of Air Pollution in Al Nahrawan region-Iraq

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (6), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2018), Pages (01-09)


Research Article By:

احمد سمير ناجي

Corresponding author E-mail: ahmednamesamir@yahoo.com


Al Nahrawan is located within the plain of the sedimentary plain to the northeast of the city of Baghdad by about 35 km. Brick factories are considered the main pollution sources in this region. Toxic substances, trace elements and carbonic substances are emitted from the fuel used in the Brick factories causing environmental pollution, Because of poor quality of fuel, lack of purity, absence of proper processing unit and insufficient height of the chimneys (stack). In the current study, the equipment of collection the suspend particles was used which it content 8 filters, these filters are holed the suspend particles. The concentrations of 9 toxic metals were also measured. The average total suspend particles (TSP) was 2391.8 μg/m3 where it’s considered high as compared with the global and local acceptable limits. Toxic metals concentrations were also more than the acceptable limit in all stations. This study is concluded that the brick factories are the main source of the pollutant in this region and using of heavy fuel is the main causes therefore the recommendation of this study is the improving or exchanging the fuel is necessary and using acceptable treatments unit to reduce the pollution.

Keywords: Brick factories, Al Nahrawan, air pollution, total suspend solid, heavy meatals.

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