Study and evaluation of green spaces according to standards and efficiency of implementation

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (6), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2018), Pages (10-19)


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أحمد فائق المظفر

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Most cities in Iraq are suffering at present, as is evident from the significant rise in temperature in the city as a whole and its centers in particular. This is due to the increase of built-up areas and building blocks at the city level, which is offset by the absence of a successful design and planning that limits and reduces the observed increase in temperature In addition, there is no balance between the built-up areas and the green areas according to the Iraqi standard determined by the Ministry of Housing, which is developed for one person, which in turn reduces the sharp impact of the temperature in the city If there is a certain percentage, if it is implemented, the land remains empty. There is no green space, but it turns into dirt that increases the temperature of the city and increases its pollution by soil and waste. the research problem was formed (by not implementing the real standard for green spaces and neglecting the port). The aim of the research is to ( identify the real standard for green spaces and to identify the reality of the green spaces implemented in modern residential neighborhoods) . The hypothesis of the research is that (the green spaces implemented correctly according to the standard have a positive role in reducing the local temperature).

Keywords: Green spaces, planning standards for green spaces, temperature, local climate, the status of green spaces implemented.

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