The Impact of Abandoned Buildings on the Quality of Urban-Scape

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (6), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2018), Pages (222-236)


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وحدة شكر الحنكاوي و محمود حسين محمد علي

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Cities pass through several transformations during their stages of development, the most influential was the one that accompanied the industrial revolution and modernity, resulting in scattered structures, functional requirements and industrial activities that affected cities spatially. The advancement of knowledge, technological development, innovation, and industrial progress in the post-industrial era had a great impact on the adoption of more technological applications in conjunction with the global transformations and globalization, this has resulted in the phenomenon of neglected buildings. which has been reflected in buildings, structures, industrial zones, and the quality of urban fabric, and its scene, from which the problem of research was identified as “lack of cognitive perception showing the impact of neglected buildings on the urbans cape “. In order to address the research’s problem, a comprehensive theoretical framework was developed for the concept of abandoned buildings, the main reasons, levels of abandonment, and neglect in general. The most important suggestions the impact the quality of the urbans cape, in particular, The research has reached special conclusions, recommendations, procedures and requirements for the owners of buildings to achieve and reduce its negative impact on the urban-scape.

Keywords: Abandoned buildings, urban-scape, urban fabric, urban decomposition.

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