Urban Consolidation

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (6), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2018), Pages (76-95)


Research Article By:

خنساء غازي رشيد و مصطفى علي مدلول

Corresponding author E-mail: khansaa_rasheed@yahoo.com


The concept of urban consolidation is linked to the policies of modern urban development, which involves adding new urban parts to the fabric of the city to produce an integrated urban system in which the objectives of urban development initiatives are realized through the physical structure of the city, Where contemporary urban trends called for a link between new and existing urban parts. The concept of urban consolidation has crystallized in many propositions, Which did not take the relationship between the existing and new urban order, and the process of creating a new interactive urban environment with the existing fabric. The research problem was related to (unclear characteristics and mechanisms of integration of the consolidated urban system). Research objectives emerged (put a model of mechanisms for integrating the consolidation urban system and re-evaluating urban development projects in the city of Baghdad). To process the problem of research, a theoretical framework for the concept of urban consolidation was constructed through the relationship between the old and new systems. Virtual perceptions were put forward at ( The integration of the new urban system with the existing system is achieved when adopting the objectives of development initiatives(Social, economic, and functional program). The main research hypothesis and secondary hypothesis were tested in two contemporary urban development projects, where the application level was determined within areas characterized by the inclusion of an existing fabric and urban parts were added for developmental purposes . The research found a discrepancy in the characteristics of the integrated urban system within the three urban systems, which affect the variation of the integration of the new addition within its existing context.

Keywords: Consolidation, urban system, characteristics of the consolidation, urban system, objectives of development Initiatives, urban integration.

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