The monument and the identity impact timely and placing

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (5), Issue (2), Year (30 August 2017), Pages (45-55)


Research Article By:

احمد هاشم حميد العقابي

Corresponding author E-mail:


Generally architectural proposition has focused on studying general concepts in architecture, one of these concepts was the monuments and it is impact on supporting the continuity of change and feeding the general values for the field of architecture in various frames represented by time and place and detail effects to another concepts in the field of architecture like the identity which represented the joint subject to the continuity state in the general architectural knowledge frame work around all these items and it is relationships and detail. This research aims to identify the general visions of studying the concepts of monuments and it is relationship in time and place concepts and identity action on specifying and supporting the basis of that relationship by specifying the general knowledge proposition about the goal then move to build a multi theoretical frame work to these concepts pointers and apply it on specific architectural case study chosen to represent a practical application to the monuments concept in architecture and analyzing the results to discover , conclude and make the states of application clear to the pointers of proposed concepts and state the conclusions and future works.

Keywords: Monuments, time, place, identity, continuity.

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