The Role of Features Reducing Anxiety in Interior Spaces Public Waiting Spaces in Healthcare Buildings as a Case Study

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (4), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2016), Pages (66-74)


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شمائل محمد وجيه الدباغ

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This research examines the physical helth care environments and explores how to utilize (indoor water features) for regenerating people spirit. Although much research supports the idea that natural elements may help alleviate stress and anxiety, but bringing nature into the public interior spaces is problematic. There is a lack of research about the relationship between the helth care physical spaces, stress, and indoor water features. This study investigates how to utilize (indoor water features) in the helth care public spaces that may help reduce stress potential. The absence of a comprehensive theoretical framework for the role of water feature as an effective restorative element that may reduce stress by providing a pleasant affect, and exploring its implicit psychological aspects constitutes the main research problem. In view of the problem under investigation, the goal of the present research is defined to arrive at the identifying of the main strategies to reduce stress potential by using indoor water features in the public helth care spaces. Arriving at the aforementioned aim requires building a theoretical framework, and then the application of the framework to selected interior helth care spaces images (with various water features) in order to test the validity of the hypothesis. Finally research findings, a set of recommendations are put forward.

Keywords: Water features, anxiety and stress, public waiting spaces, health care buildings.

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