Creation a Digital Elevation Model Using GIS

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (1), Issue (1), Year (30 December 2011), Pages (14-22)


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حسين منديل الخزاعي و قاسم جبير سلمان

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In GIS, it is essential to use the areal and space images as data references for information, but it is necessary to create digital information using software such as SURFER 8 and ARC view. These data can be furnished to create digital contour lines map in a rapid way rather than the conventional methods.
In this paper, GIS technique was used for producing 3 dimension contour maps for earth surface. This was called as Digital Elevation Model that can provide a view for spatial coordination for the location of these maps. The area was selected for this study is the sand dunes area at Al-Mamlaha (Samawa city district). The source of space images was Google Earth.

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