Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete T-Beam Cast with Self Compaction Concrete Incorporating Recycled Concrete Aggregate

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (6), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2018), Pages (210-221)


Research Article By:

Ali K. Khtar and Dr Jamal A. Khudhair

Corresponding author E-mail: alikadrkhatar1986@gmail.com


This study investigates (experimentally and analytically) “the flexural behavior of six T-section beams cast with self-compacting concrete (SCC) which contain recycled concrete aggregate as a partial replacement of coarse aggregate. The beams have two concentrated loads. Beams have two longitudinal steel ratios of (ρ1=0.0004 and ρ2=0.00077). The tested beams were divided into two groups depending on span to effective depth (a/d) ratio the longitudinal steel ratio . Each group was casted using three type of mixtures with different RCA replacement ratio (0% ,50%, 75%). The SCC T-beams have ( a/d) ratio of 3 and total length of (2.1 m) and all beams have gross section area of (0.504) m2. As well as ANSYS-14 program was used to analyze these beams by nonlinear finite element method. Test results showed that, when increasing the RCA replacement ratio to 50% the cracking load decreased by average 15.5% and ultimate load was not affected. When increasing the RCA replacement ratio to 75% the cracking load and ultimate load decreased by average 31% and 9.4% respectively, the deflection and crack width of the tested beams increases with increasing RCA replacement ratio, when the steel ratio increased from ρ1 to ρ2 the first cracking load and ultimate load increased by average 20.5% and 46.2% respectively. The deflection and crack width of the tested beams decreases with increasing longitudinal steel ratio. The finite element model gives good agreement with the experimental results with difference within 8%.

Keywords: T-beam, self-compacting concrete, recycle concrete aggregate, flexural behavior.

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