The Method and Intellectual Repercussion in Architecture

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (8), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2020), Pages (17-24)


Research Article By:

Ahmed Hashim Hameed and Basim Hasan Hashim

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The architectural studies in general dealt with the study of several concepts that have an important role in the design part as well as providing preparation and support of its requirements, procedures, and rules for a variety of aspects and details. The current research directed towards a specified study of the relationship of two influential concepts within the framework of architectural design. These concepts are; the method and its relationship to the state of intellectual repercussion with the necessity of introducing, clarifying and defining the general knowledge frameworks for the nature of those relations and the effect of the indicators of that situation with respect to the general knowledge about them.
This research is Directed to define the general frameworks of the basic research concepts, which are both the method and the repercussion with other concepts that are influential, design, thought or thinking, to determine the cases of interconnection between them and then to refer these cases to several levels, and to propose the models adopted from the studies and architectural proposals, which will determine the indicators needed to define the situation The correlation between the basic concepts of research (method and repercussion) within the framework of the field of architecture to show that the final outcome refers to the adoption of the repercussion as an instrument or preparation for the benefit of the method within the architectural design.

Keywords: Method, design, idea, thinking, repercussion.

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