Editorial Board

Editorial Board:

  • Prof Dr Rafid Al Khaddar (Editor in Chief), Liverpool John Moores University, Water and Environmental Engineering.
  • Asst Prof Dr Hayder Kamil Shanbara (Editor), Al-Muthanna University, Highways & Transportation Engineering.
  • Prof Dr Zhongwei Guan, University of Liverpool, Civil Engineering and Industrial Design.
  • Prof Dr Monower Sadique, Liverpool John Moores University, Construction Materials.
  • Prof Dr John Counsell, Chester University, Electronic & Electrical Engineering.
  • Prof Dr Seema Kapoor, Panjap University, Chemical Engineering.
  • Prof Dr Shadan Khan, King Faisal University, Communication Engineering.
  • Dr Ahmed Zarzor Yaseri, Edith Cowan University, Petroleum Engineering.
  • Dr Adeayo Sotayo, Brunel University, Composite Structures.
  • Dr Adonis Haidar, University of Liverpool, Architecture and Planning.
  • Dr Rahman Almusafir, University of Missouri, Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing Technology.
  • Asst Prof Dr Ahmed Abdulaali Rashid, Al-Muthanna University, Architecture & Sustainable Architecture.
  • Prof Ihsan H. Dakhil, Al-Muthanna University, Chemical Engineering.
  • Asst Prof Dr Riyadh Dakhil Mansoor, Al-Muthanna University, Electromagnetic and Communication Engineering.
  • Asst Prof Dr Tariq Al-Mansoori, Al-Muthanna University, Pavement Engineering.
  • Asst Prof Dr Ali Al-Rifaie, Al-Muthanna University, Civil Engineering.
  • Asst Prof Dr Alaa Al-Husainy, Al-Muthanna University, Structural Engineering.
  • Asst Prof Dr Muna Dawood, Al-Muthanna University, Computer Engineering.