Copyright, Grants and Ownership Declaration

All rights reserved. No part of the material protected by this copyright notice may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the prior written permission from the copyright owner. However, permission is not required to copy abstracts of papers provided that a full reference to the source is given.

Name of the Journal: Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology (MJET)
ISSN: 2572-0325 (Online)

Copyright Policy:
Authors could not be able to publish their papers anywhere else without a prior written permission of the publisher unless it has been changed substantially. The Authors warrants that their work is original, except for excerpts from their published works as may be included with the permission of the copyright holder and author thereof, that it contains no libelous statements, and does not infringe on any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory right, or propriety right of others.

The Author signs and accepts responsibility for releasing this material on behalf of any and all co-authors.

These rights include:

  1. All proprietary rights other than copyrights, such as patent rights.
  2. The right to use all or part of the article, such as tables and figures in future work of their own, provided that a proper acknowledgment is made to the publisher as copyright holder.
  3. The right to make copies of the article for their personal use, but not for sale.
  4. It is the author’s responsibility to consider ethical standards in submitting their manuscript to the journal, for instance, plagiarism and similarity check. It should be taken in mind that all submissions to this journal are thoroughly checked for plagiarism. If an attempt of plagiarism is noticed in a published paper, the authors will be asked to issue a written apology to the authors of the original material. The journal is very strict regarding copyright and plagiarism that any obvious signs of plagiarism in a submitted manuscript would lead to get it automatically rejected while the authors could face 10 years ban from publishing in this journal. Authors would usually receive a proper notification if such a situation arises.
  5. The manuscript has not been published in the same form elsewhere.
  6. The manuscript should not be submitted anywhere else for publication prior to acceptance/rejection by this Journal.
  7. Papers cannot be withdrawn under any circumstance once it is published.
  8. After signing the copyright during the final paper submission to the journal, any rectification, updating, withdrawing is not possible.
  9. The whole process of adding the articles to the database (for example Lattice Science, crossref, kudos, wos, mendeley, etc) is done by the editorial team only. No one else can be involved in the decision whether to accept or reject a manuscript and cannot influence the processing time of the manuscript.
  • Article processing charge (APC) is not refundable. In the case of withdraw of a paper, APC will neither refund nor adjust in the future.


Publisher, Journal and Author Rights:
In order to publish and disseminate research articles in the MJET, we need publishing rights. These are determined by a publishing agreement between the author (s) and the Journal. This agreement deals with the transfer or license of the copyright to the journal. Authors retain significant rights to use and share their own published articles. MJET supports the need for authors to share, disseminate and maximize the impact of their research. These rights, in MJET, are defined below:

  1. For subscription articles: Authors transfer copyright to the publisher as part of a journal publishing agreement, but have the right to:
    • Share their article for personal purpose, internal institutional use,and scholar sharing
    • Retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights (including research data).
    • Proper attribution and credit for the published work.
  2. For open access articles: Authors sign an exclusive license agreement, where they have a copyright but license exclusive rights in their article to the publisher. In this case, authors have the right to:
    • Share their article in the same ways permitted to third parties under the relevant user license (together with personal use rights)
    • Retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights (including research data).
    • Proper attribution and credit for the published work.


Rights Granted to Publisher and Journal:
For both subscription and open access articles, MJET is granted the following rights:

  • The exclusive right to publish and distribute an article, and to grant rights to others, including for commercial purposes.
  • For open access articles, the journal will apply the relevant third-party user license where it can publish the article on its online platforms.
  • The right to provide the article in all forms and media so the article can be used on the latest technology even after publication.
  • The authority to enforce rights in the article, on behalf of an author, against third parties, for example, in the case of plagiarism or copyright infringement.


Protecting Author Rights:
Copyright aims to protect the specific way the article has been written to describe a research and its results. MJET is committed to its authors to protect and defend their work and their reputation and takes allegations of infringement, plagiarism, ethical disputes and fraud very seriously.

If an author becomes suspicious or aware of a possible plagiarism, fraud or infringement, we recommend contacting the journal who can then liaise with publisher’s legal department.


The opinions expressed, and figures provided in this Journal; MJET, are the sole responsibility of the authors. The publisher and the editors bear no responsibility in this regard. Any and all such liabilities are disclaimed.


Address for Correspondence:
Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology (MJET)
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