Design a Solar Powered Evaporative Cooling System D.C Motors with Peltier Device


Volume 8, Issue 1, May. 2020, Pages 26-31
Research Article:

Mohammed Hammoodi Jasima

Karrar A. Alakoulb

Hussein Kareem Sultan c

a Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical Institute/ Al-Rumaitha, Al- Furat Al- Awsat Technical

  b, c AL-Muthanna University, College of Engineering, Samawa

E-mail addresses:



The research shows employing sundog cells for cooling process by design, progress of “evaporative cooling system “. All this to offer inexpensive method, devours more virtue as well as few energies in contrast with ordinary “evaporative cooling system”. Consequently, this paper focuses “in the design and creation ” direct current (DC) evaporative cooling system” incorporated with “photovoltaic (PV) system” formed from “PV panels, solar charger, converter, batteries” and insert to innermost of refrigerator by peltier . “Evaporative cooling system” depend on stellar also work in free areas. Also, solar energy is charge effectual, renewable, no environmental pollution. So finally fantastic method.

Keywords: Solar energy, Centrifugal fan, Evaporative cooling, D.C pump, Battery and peltier

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