Employing architectural programming to discover the formal potentialities of the Site issue for the reconstruction of old Mosul

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (10), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2022), Pages (09-16)


Research Article By:

Ferdos F. Al-Shalji and Asma H. Al-Dabbagh

Corresponding author E-mail: asma.dabbagh@uomosul.edu.iq


Architectural Programming is one of the most important scientific methodologies used for pre-design planning, and because the process of rebuilding Mosul is a complex process, so it needs that stage, and in order to identify its stages and the most important analytical methods that it used. The research reviewed the most important literature, as it became clear that the client’s goals were not clearly and precisely defined, an analytical study of real examples from the architectural programming literature examined in order to determine the locations of the client’s embodiment of the “Site issue” of the old Mosul. Where the research assumed the variation in the embodiment position of the user and expert goals, and the “Delphi method” used in order to determine the physical locations that represent the formal possibilities of the client, which requires the use of a resolution. The questionnaire data analyzed using descriptive and inferential methods of analysis, the study discover the formal potentials of the user and the experts, and it found that the user and the expert agree with the goals regarding the issue of the site, but they differ in terms of the degree of importance.

Keywords: Architectural programming, client’s goals, Delphi method, old Mosul.

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