Heavy metal removal from produced water by chemical-mechanical treatment

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (10), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2022), Pages (05-12)


Research Article By:

Ali Nassir, Thabit Fadhil Hssouney and Ali A. Hassan

Corresponding author E-mail: alkhafajia31@gmail.com


This paper proves the presentation features of chemical and mechanical aimed at action of heavy metal in produced water (PW). The Electro-catalytic (EC) is one of chemical- mechanical remained made and reflects the extent of its custom in purifying this wastewater. Throughout EC behavior, numerous operating limits were inspected, for instance titanium dioxide, rpm electrolysis time, and copper metal in produced water. The belongings of the working variables including the rpm (100-300), TiO2 concentration (10-30 mg/L), and the electrolysis time (5-15 min) by using Response surface methodology (RSM) and Minitab 17. The current and pH of the solution had remained occupied by way of 1 Amps, 3 respectively. Underneath the finest standards of the employed variables more than 98% removal of copper was found. The elective catalytic method is appropriate aimed at water contaminated by heavy metal, especially aimed at low concentrations of heavy metal in produced water.

Keywords: Produced water, water treatment, advanced oxidation processes, electro oxidation

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