The architectural output between knowledge and science “An analytical vision study in practice to evaluate the products of architecture”

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (8), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2020), Pages (01-07)


Research Article By:

Ibrahim Jawad, Abdullah Saadoon and Tuqa Mahmood

Corresponding author E-mail:


The research deals with the concept of architectural knowledge as one of the influences in the process of architectural design, as the nature of the designer and trends in the lure of knowledge derived from the reality of society through successive historical periods have the greatest impact on his ideas, and the nature of the output achieved requires that the architecture exceeds the local boundaries to the site boundaries. It is reflected in its results, thus determining the research problem in (The insufficient knowledge perception available about the architectural product between the duality of knowledge and knowledge thereof). The goal of research to clarify the mechanisms of knowledge of architectural production as well as their characteristics and dimensions. Accordingly, the research assumes that their indicators have a positive impact on the formulation of architectural output. In order to address the research issue and achieve the objectives of the research and verify its hypothesis, a knowledge framework was first constructed, then a comprehensive theoretical framework was extracted from the architectural and supporting propositions to be finalized in three main indicators, namely: “Mechanisms of knowledge of architectural production, characteristics of architectural knowledge of production, and dimensions of architectural knowledge. Finally, a number of conclusions have been reached which provided that the knowledge of architecture as a product is linked to the three knowledge “Galali, Aesthetic, and Kemalism”, as well as a correlation between Cognitive characteristics of the architectural product of the port and its dimensions, as it was associated with absorption of production through the cash situation dealt with by man shall his reign began on what is watching from the output characteristics of the port structure with a reflective surface to remove him deep knowledge inherent in the structure.

Keywords: Architectural output, knowledge, science.

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