A Hydraulic Model for Identification of Surface Friction Coefficient for Euphrates River within Al Muthanna Governorate, Iraq

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (6), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2018), Pages (160-168)


Research Article By:

Hussein M. Ashour Al. Khuzaie Ameera Mohamad Awad and Mohammed Fadhil Abbas

Corresponding author E-mail: hma@mu.edu.iq


This study presents results of a developed hydraulic model to the surface friction roughness (Manning’s coefficient) for the Euphrates River along 110 km within Al Muthanna Governorate, Iraq. Hydraulic modeling was used a tool for determination of surface friction coefficient. A typical value of surface friction roughness for open natural channels ranges between 0.025 to 0.04 was used as an initial input data for HECRAS hydraulic model. while in this study the calculated value of the surface roughness was compared with those observed and it was found to be in best agreement with the modeled when using value is 0.04.

Keywords: Euphrates River, HEC-RAS model, manning’s coefficient, steady flow.

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