Illogic Character To Receipt In Architecture

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (5), Issue (3), Year (30 December 2017), Pages (36-46)


Research Article By:

أحمد هاشم حميد العقابي

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Generally Architectural proposition has focused on studying general concepts in architecture which has an Action in the practical frame, one of these basic concepts is the receiving concept whirl it has been presented in it is general scheme and its relationship with other various concepts in architecture field; this paper studied the receiving concept in new scheme whirl did not studied before, the new scheme related to logical and nonlogical nature of the receiving concept so the general vision of this paper coordinated to distinguish the proposed themes in sight of the architectural knowledge around it. This paper aims to define the general visions for studying the receiving concept in its general form in the architecture and attempt to present defining forms to specify the ability of distinguishing existence of the concept in its logical and non-logical nature by specifying the scientific proposal and build theoretical frame consisting pointers and practical values of knowledge sample adopted as a case study and analyze the results of that sample and discuss the results of the pointers of different forms and conclude the final conclusions and future works.

Keywords: Architecture, logic, illogic, dual, receiving.

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