Intentionality as a Strategy Read Architectural Production Contemporary

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (5), Issue (3), Year (30 December 2017), Pages (102-114)


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باسم حسن هاشم الماجدي، أحمد عبد العالي كبة و هديل سعد رزوقي

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By tracking the criticism history of knowledge in all fields including architecture it can be noticed that some theories control on the other because of its regenerative feature to become an objective approach to any kind of criticism because they provide it with a quiet compass inside the artistic production in order not to loose its way towards the target. One of those theories the intentionality theory emerged which linked to the indications related to literary, artistic and architectural production both, the fact that architecture is a communication system can be a language consisting of vocabulary and rules, which the intention can have a prominent role in it. Hence the research problem is (the absence of the overall concept of the role of intentionality theory in reading current architecture production), hence the goal of research is to (see the ranges of influence of the theory of intentionality in reading architectural output). For the purpose of achieving the goal of Search went to put the cognitive framework of the theory of intentionality and its connections in the architecture within the specialized studies and then check the hypothesis, which stipulates (there is the influence of the theory of intentionality in reading architectural production), and through the application of a number of the elected project down to the final conclusions.

Keywords: Intentionality theory, intention, production reading, architecture.

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