Environmental and Economic Study About Using Natural Gas for Electrical Power Generation In Samawa Station

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (5), Issue (2), Year (30 August 2017), Pages (13-20)


Research Article By:

Ali Abed Aljabar Hussen Al-Samawi, Abbas Swayeh Atiyah and Hayder Tareq Rajab

Corresponding author E-mail: aliasamaw@mu.edu.iq


This paper aims to show that Natural gas is the cheapest fuel for the electrical power generation in electrical stations and show that Natural Gas the less damage on the environment. The paper is studying about natural gas used in electric generation stations in the field of the environment and future plans for the countries of the world in the construction of many electric -gas stations. The paper show environment-economic comparisons and Calculate quantities and prices between Natural Gas and Fuel Oil used in two electrical power stations. The result the ratio natural gas consumption to electrical power generation is 316 m3/MWH and ratio Fuel oil consumption to electrical power generation is 0.197 m3/MWH. The price of Fuel oil or Diesel is higher than Natural gas, therefore Fuel oil consumption cost for electrical power generation very high. The city of Samawa needs to establish electrical plants that run on natural gas because of the economic and environmental benefits for the city.

Keywords: Natural gas, electrical power.

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