Culture Policy for Architectural Design Studio within the Curriculum

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (5), Issue (2), Year (30 August 2017), Pages (70-84)


Research Article By:

ابراهيم جواد كاظم، فلاح خلف علي و احمد طالب حميد

Corresponding author E-mail:


The research is concerned with the development of an educational policy and a set of values representing the cultural floor of the architectural design studio and its relation with the rest of the lessons in the architectural curriculum taken from the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology. The general research problem was to identify the pillars of educational policy building, and the particular problem in the design lesson relationship with the rest of the lessons in the curriculum. The University of Technology is in line with the requirements of the quality of international architectural education to achieve the objective of research in building a comprehensive conception of the design of the architectural curriculum and the formulation of the educational policy of the culture of the design studio within it according to the most important pillars of this Locally and globally. To come up with a set of conclusions and recommendations that emphasize the most important pillars for building educational policy and the best patterns of building an appropriate curriculum for architectural education in Iraq.

Keywords: Educational policy, culture for architectural design studio, architectural curriculum, quality of architectural education.

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