Design evaluate the performance of architecture department students in the subject of the drawing architecture and presentation

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (4), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2016), Pages (14-22)


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سؤدد عبد الغني شياع

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The research design evaluate the performance of Architecture Department students in the subject of the drawing architecture and presentation . If tool focuses interesting research on generating data sheets for students of Architecture Department – Muthanna University in an article drawing and presentation architectural the second phase for the academic year 2014-2015 in the final test in accordance with the tool designed. The consisted Find the extent of the problem of students mastering the skills of drawing architectural and presentation of it is the most important skill that must be mastered student of architecture in this area where the display gives the final design of the project an important indicator of student abilities and his skill. Performing has adopted a researcher descriptive analytical method based on the starters induction and deduction in determining the performing skills that must be mastered by the student in the subject of the drawing and the display architecture, where the research community of (30) in accordance produced by architecture students in the final exam of a material drawing for the academic year 2014- 2015. The tool was tested on a random sample of student work of (10). The researcher designed tool to (20) paragraph researcher used statistical means the arithmetic average – link Pearson coefficient – ranks Spearman coefficient is to establish Measure – Cooper equation and the program of statistical (MINITAB -14). This resulted Find tool are valid and reliable estimate of grades suitable for students in the subject of architectural drawing and the display is more objective than it was previously estimated.

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