A single phase shut active power filter with fuzzy logic based for harmonics minimization under random load variation

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (2), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2013), Pages (01-16)


Research Article By:

Adel M. Dakhil

Corresponding author E-mail: dr.adelmanaa@yahoo.com


In this work a simulation of single phase shunt Active Power Filter (APF) to minimize source current distortion is produced by feeding a nonlinear loads. The simulation results for single phase shunt APF with conventional PI controller and fuzzy PI controller were carried out. These two controller forced the single phase shunt APF to inject equal but opposite current in order to shape the source current to a sinusoidal form in phase with supply voltage. Conventional PI controller meets the required performance for ideal APF, but with unbalance load; this controller is failed to do same job hence the gain values of PI controller are set for a certain load condition. This situation lead to search with fuzzy controller in which the proportional and integral gains adjust dynamically as load condition change. The obtained simulation results for the fuzzy controller show good steady state and transient performance for the plant.

Keywords: Active power filter (APF), conventional PI controller, fuzzy PI controller, harmonics minimization, random load variation.

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