Flexural Behavior of Repaired Reinforced Concrete Slabs with Different Typed of Concrete


Flexural Behavior of Repaired Reinforced Concrete Slabs with Different Typed of Concrete

Volume 4, Issue 1, Jul 2016, Pages 57-67
 DOI: 10.52113/3/mjet/2016-4-1/57-67
Research Article:
Mazen D.Abdulah*
Civil Engineering , College of Engineering ,University of Basra

Email address:  mazend081@gmail.com



The problem of this study is that the building of foundation by stones at the
present time leads to develop cracks in the superstructure. Therefore, the
solutions and the right manner were suggested for building the stone in the
small and big structures.
This paper studies using and properties of stones in
building of foundations, that the stone is rigid and stiff in the same time very
cheap for building, especially in the regions wealthy with stone. The models
were taken for analyzing, firstly experimentally in the field site and secondly
by Plaxis Program using the Finite Elements with the same properties of the
soil and calculate the vertical displacement, vertical strain, factor of safety and
bearing capacity. It can be concluded
that the using of the reinforced columns
in the small foundation in addition to the beam and stones will reduce the
vertical displacement and strain to lower values, maintain high value of bearing
capacity and increase the factor of safety that makes the structure becomes
safer. Also for the big structures like bridges another models were used with
higher loadings and the same above parameters were calculated, the stone with
special requirements approved to improve and treat the soil parameters even
for the big structures.

Keywords: LWC:-light weight concrete, NWC:- normalstrength concrete, HSC:- heig strength concrete , w/c:-water to cement ratio 

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