Affordable Housing and Cost Reduction Factors for Affordable Housing

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (8), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2020), Pages (32-41)


Research Article By:

Moheamen Basim Ibrhim and Asmaa Khalid

Corresponding author E-mail:


The importance of affordable housing has emerged recently due to the suffering of most urban areas and developing countries in particular from the high rates of population growth and migration to cities, in addition to the conditions of poverty and war, which led to the loss of many families for their housing units. (The need for a comprehensive knowledge framework clarifying the concept of affordable housing, choosing the best housing type and cost reduction factors (facilitation aspects) at the local level in light of the country’s urgent need for affordable housing.) Accordingly, the objective of the research was to: (Provide a comprehensive knowledge framework that clarifies the concept of affordable housing and choose the best housing type and cost reduction factors (facilitation aspects) in accordance with local privacy).
The research hypothesis : (The factors and means of reducing housing costs (aspects of facilitation mentioned in the research) at the two levels (housing complex and housing unit) as well as choosing the housing style (vertical or horizontal) a role in achieving the principle of affordable housing and solving a large part of the housing crisis.
For the purpose of solving this problem, three phases were identified, including the construction of a theoretical framework, which included (4) vocabularies (characteristics of affordable housing, cost-raising factors, cost reduction factors, and dimensions of affordable housing). This is followed by the application of these vocabulary by electing two local samples. The extent of facilitation and comparability between them. The results showed that the vertical building pattern (residential buildings) is characterized by its lack of large areas of residential land, thus it is characterized by being less expensive than horizontal construction. This does not prevent investors from building high-quality residential towers targeting the rich.

Keywords: Affordable housing, better housing, cost reduction.

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