Experimental and Numerical Study of Thermal Properties for Amalgam Reinforced by NiCrMo Nanowires

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (6), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2018), Pages (20-28)


Research Article By:

Rana Afif Anaee, Alaa Hassan Ali, Farooq Hassan Ali and Ahmed Rajih Hassan

Corresponding author E-mail: ah.ra34@yahoo.com


NiCrMo nanowires with four weight percents include 0.3, 0.6, 0.9 and 1.2 wt% have been added to conventional amalgam to improve its properties especially thermal conductivity which is represented important property to reduce the sensation of root for hot and cold foods and beverages. NiCrMo nanowires were selected because they closed in composition to the known dental alloy (Ni-Cr alloy). SEM technique was used to characterize the modified structure of nanocomposites.
The thermal conductivity was decreased after adding NiCrMo nanowires to amalgam and the reduction is increases with increasing wt% of nanowires, this is due to the dominance of smooth temperature dependence by nanowires which suggest a phononphonon or phonon-defect scattering. AFM inspection also was achieved to show the morphology of surface in addition to measure roughness, and the results showed the decreasing in roughness of amalgam/nanowires composites compared with amalgam due to decreasing in surface irregularities by adding nanowires. This reduction in roughness leads to decrease the accumulation of bacteria on amalgam and then reducing biocorrosion. Also, microhardness of amalgam/NWs composites was increased compared with conventional amalgam and the increment increased with increasing wt% of nanowires. The increment in microhardness is suggested the filling of vacancies within amalgam by nanowires and getting more coherent for components in amalgam especially with Hg which is the main cause of the reduction in hardness. On the other word, in present work, we improved thermal conductivity in addition to get more microhardness and less surface roughness by adding nanowires. Simulation study was achieved for thermal properties to confirm the role of NiCrMo nanowires to reduce heat.

Keywords: NiCrMo nanowires; thermal analysis; ANSYS 15; conventional amalgam.

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