Flexural behavior of R.C. two-way slabs with opening strengthened with CFRP sheets

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (6), Issue (2), Year (30 December 2018), Pages (200-209)


Research Article By:

Esraa Jassim Mohammad and Mazen Dewan Abdulla

Corresponding author E-mail: esraajm23@gmail.com


This paper present a study of the flexural behavior of reinforced concrete two way slabs with opening strengthened by Carbon Fiber Reinforced polymer sheets.
The experimental work included testing 10 specimen two-way slabs with opening, which include 4 control specimens and 6 strengthened with CFRP sheets. The dimensions of the slab specimens are (800 × 800) mm, (70) mm depth and they were made of normal strength concrete. The reinforced concrete slabs containing a single eccentric and concentric opening strengthened by CFRP sheets, has been investigated, also the behavior of unstrengthened slabs and the slab without openings has been studied. These slabs were arranged in four groups and four layout of CFRP sheets has been considered. The slabs were tested with uniformly distributed loads and simple supports on the four edges. The results showed that the load carrying capacities have been increased of the slabs with openings strengthened with CFRP sheets when compared with the slabs without strengthening.

Keywords: Two way slab; slab with openings; CFRP sheets.

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