The community participation authority in the empowerment of architectural products

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (6), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2018), Pages (64-75)


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باسم حسن هاشم الماجدي و هديل سعد رزوقي

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The community participation its one of empowering strategy considered as a contemporary concepts within the 20th century which enable us to connect (designer and community empowering production aims to free the potential of individuals, and involve them in the process of construction as success depends on the harmony of the individuals needs with an organized vision of long-term goals. In this light, the problem of research was determined as ( the lack of knowledge clarity about the concept of community participation as a reflection of the power of society in the empowerment of production in contemporary architecture ).
According to this research problem, the hypothesis of research has been determined (The strategy of community participation represent an indicator to the level of integration between society designer to enable architectural production. The efficient societal participation may produced an important level of sustainability) The aim of the research is (To achieve the objective of the research, the comprehensive theoretical framework is required through the basic vocabulary (empowerment, , participation mechanisms, characteristics of participatory production sustainable empowerment) that have been applied to selected samples.
Toward the final stage, which focused on analyzing and discussing the results and determining the final conclusions. society through the analysis and measurement of the variables to find that the results varied as the main and secondary according to the infrastructure of the community and prove its importance in reaching the highest degrees of participation to achieve a product acceptable to the community and satisfaction of the designer.

Keywords: Empowerment, community participation, product, community sustainability.

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