Nonlinear Analysis of Bridge Girders Subjected to Lateral Impact Loading

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (5), Issue (1), Year (30 April 2017), Pages (37-42)


Research Article By:

Abdulamir Atalla and Aqeel Mohammed Hammood

Corresponding author E-mail:


This paper aims to investigate the nonlinear dynamic analysis of prestressed concrete bridge girders subjected to impact loading from collision with over-height vehicles. Two cases with/without diaphragms are discussed. The FEM is used to model the prestressed bridge girders. It is assumed that vehicle load is to be in accordance to HS20 of AASHTO 2012 and its velocity is 40km/h. the impact load is modeled as horizontal forces applied at the lower edge of exterior girder at mid span. The addition of diaphragms is found to decrease the lateral and vertical displacements in the girders by up to 86.8% and 84.3%, respectively. A decrease in the longitudinal and vertical stresses by up to 50.6% and 65.8%, respectively is also noted.

Keywords: Bridge diaphragms, lateral impact, Finite element.

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