The Philosophy of Absence in contemporary Architecture

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (5), Issue (1), Year (30 April 2017), Pages (27-36)


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عباس علي حمزة ال كريزة

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Absent text is what is not permissible by the text directly, but he suggests, is not referring to him, but it contained, as well as what he did not say it, but he raised. And research in the philosophy of absence based on research beyond the audience, mainly, in the sense that the framing of our discovery of absence based on our ability to call the system of symbols and signs and signals which are derived from the presence of a signal as part of the installation of any product of creative including architecture by analyzing the construction levels of relational signals or present texts sense rebuilding of mind for the system built is formulated as if they are historical references, social or intellectual been summoned by the present text is hidden or suggestive, the fact that approved absences is rear agreed to attend, and even though the bilateral both sides do not have them attend simultaneously within consciousness, but the the presence of one of them in front of awareness leads to call the other absentee idol. Find current disclosure philosophy of absence in contemporary architecture through the valley in relation to attend connected existential his first and explore its relationship to formulate a set concepts framed, including the difference, displacement, and communication.

Keywords: Absence, contemporary, architecture.

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