Effect of change in particle size of the powder coating (Ni- Al) thermally sprayed by flame on the mechanical properties of the coating layer

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (4), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2016), Pages (43-50)


Research Article By:

عمار رزاق حسن

Corresponding author E-mail: ammarr.alshemary@uokufa.edu.iq


In this research was conducted thermal coating process to follow flame spray technology through the use of gaseous mixture consisting of oxygen and acetylene for the purpose of obtaining the surface layer of nickel plating – Aluminum (metco450) on the surface of medium carbon steel type (AISI 1050). Provide an increase in the mechanical properties of the surface of the metal guide and compensate for the missing parts of the surface as a result of the process of wear and tear. Was conducted in three successive phases, first phase involved the preparation of models and to create the basis for this surface models as well as the preparation of powder coating and analyze the chemical components of the models and powder coating. While the second phase involved the implementation of the coating process (nickel – aluminum) using a flame spray coating process was carried out in different ways for each model through a change in the granular size of the powder coating. The third phase of the research included the testing of standard tests check adhesion, examination of roughness, check the wear and tear and check the hardness of the coating as well as microscopic examination of the paint and the surface layer basis. Where results showed that increasing the size particleboard from (25μm) to (75μm) led to increased wear rate and a decrease in adhesion coating layer, as noted increased roughness layer coatings increase size particleboard for powder coating, also led to increase size particleboard for powder coating to a decrease in hardness layer paint.

Keywords: Flame spraying, coating nickel aluminum, medium carbon steel, particle size.

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