Stress-Strain Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Silica Fume Lightweight Polymer Concrete

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (4), Issue (1), Year (30 June 2016), Pages (37-42)


Research Article By:

Muslim A. k. Al-Kannoon

Corresponding author E-mail:


This investigation aims to improve the stress-strain behavior and mechanical properties of lightweight concrete in order to use it in structural members. Special type of lightweight concrete was produced in this study prepared by mixing Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC type I) and white gravel of low specific gravity, sand with very low percentage of 10% from gravel weight, and w/c ranged from 0.42 to 0.46, silica fume added as percentage from cement weight and STYRENE BUTADIENE RUBBER (SBR) was added also in different percentages (5%, 10% and 15%). The main mixes 1:5 (cement: gravel) and 1:4 were used in this study. The tests in this research include stress- strain tests for both ascending and descending portions, compressive strength test, tensile strength test, flexural strength test and density of specimens. The most significance effect done by adding 15% SBR resin and gives (110%) increment in compressive strength for 1:4 mixes and (142 %) increment for1:5 mixes. For mixes 1:5 and by adding 15% SBR, the tensile strength increased 100%, flexural strength increased also 62% and density of specimens increased 8.2% , but more significant effect is seen for mixes 1:4, the increased in tensile and flexural strength and density of specimens were 138%, 109% and 7.71% respectively. The values of modulus of elasticity increased also compared with reference mixes and have excellent values ,by adding 15%SBR the increment was (58 %) for 1:4 mixes, and (150 %) increment for 1:5 mixes, that increments are very important to reduce the deflection in concrete members such as slabs and beams, therefore, like this polymer concrete can be used as structural members.

Keywords: Stress-strain behavior, compressive strength, flexural strength, modulus of elasticity, lightweight concrete, polymer concrete, SBR.

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