Experimental and numerical investigation of I-section lightweight concrete deep beams strengthened with CFRP failing in shear

Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume (3), Issue (1), Year (30 December 2014), Pages (46-59)


Research Article By:

Riadh A. Abass and Mustafa Sh. Zewair

Corresponding author E-mail: readh_56@yahoo.com


The experimental program consisted of testing four I-section reinforced concrete deep beams strengthened with CFRP strips made from lightweight concrete (porcilinate). The experimental program variables include configurations of CFRP. Experimental results obtained from the adopted strengthening CFRP techniques show a significant improvement in the behavior and shear carrying capacity of reinforced concrete deep beams. A stiffer load deflection response is observed for beams strengthened with CFRP strips as compared with response of control deep beam and the inclined CFRP strips give better enhancement than the vertical CFRP strips in ultimate load, deflection and crack width. Nonlinear finite element analysis is performed using the ANSYS-11. The Comparison between experimental results and numerical results indicates that numerical models can successfully used to simulate similar cases. Where the ultimate numerical load to ultimate experimental load ranged between (88%-96%). And good agreement for (load–deflection) curves between numerical and experimental.

Keywords: ANSYS, CFRP, I-section, lightweight, strengthened.

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